Micro & Macro Approach Sdn Bhd

“Closing the Gap” in co-operation with MMA - “Your Co-operation and Sparring Partner”.

We focus on all types of commercial and plantation businesses.

Our Core Business is:-

Increasing Productivity and Cost Efficiencies” for ABC - A Better Company - for increased profitability and Wealth Creation - through the MMA “Unique Selling Preposition” as follows:-

a)   Approaching any Projects both from the Micro Details levels as well as from the Macro Strategic Levels.

b)   Applying the Attitude - “The Will to Win is more important than the capability to be able to”, however, in whatever we do, MMA seeks to combine the Right Attitude with the Best Approaches.

To Create Values for our Cooperating and Sparring Partners through our MMA Approaches - and in the process share those Created Values in a fair and just manner commensurate with the effectiveness of our input as the basis for the Wealth Creation.

That Wealth Creation can be in terms of new products and market development, higher production productivity and cost efficiencies, improved capacity utilization, increased sales, enlarged market coverage, IT - logistic solutions, comprehensive retail and competitors' market census, higher market shares, better brand equities, improved corporate image, developing efficient Organisational Strategies as well as efficient Teams at all levels of the Organisation, improved product and services qualities, advanced businesses and plantations control and development systems, waste utilisation procedures, comprehensive cash flow planning, IT- solutions for efficient communication, improved profits, asset management for high productive asset utilisation, etc., etc, for ABC - A Better Company through Wealth Creation.