Micro & Macro Approach Sdn Bhd

Attention to Details, tight control, high level of discipline and Integrity are the starting points - the Appreciation and Respect for the different Cultures are mandatory.

MMA - Provided employment for about 400 employees, within the businesses mentioned under "MMA's Main Business Activities".

To these effects we have authored/co-authored the following books:-

a. The Streetwise Marketer- The Marketing Leadership Approaches they don't teach at Business Schools.

b. Managing in a Plural Society

c. The 12 Working Principles

d. Corporate Culture Booklets

e. The Holistic Approaches for – closing the Business and Cultural Gaps.

The basic working philosophy in our Consultant businesses are to work with the employees of our cooperating partners and clients, as “Co-operation and Sparring Partners”, from which follows the Roles and Functions of MMA thereby becomes those of:-

Undertaking the “Gap Analysis” thoroughly focusing upon where a business or plantation is now, and where it should be, based upon the potential in the industry and markets in which the businesses operates.

Participate with the Owners and Leaders, and their many Team Leaders to design the Strategies and Tactics in respect of how to get from where they are now, and to where they want to be, or should be, in the most cost efficient manner. - in other words, “Closing the Gap”.

MMA or its associates will in the process provide Staff Training or Train the internal Trainers to ensure the correct Training for the respective Teams, or provide the Trainers to train the future internal Trainers.

MMA will also in the process propose the employment of staff with required skills and competencies which may not presently be available, as well as we may propose to relocate present staff members from Roles and Functions where they have their Weaknesses – to Roles and Functions which fit with their strong skills and competencies.

MMA recognises that the investment funds into our “Closing the Gap” working approaches may not be available at the time of:

- Restructuring the businesses through disposals, mergers or acquisitions

- Re-engineering the process, systems, procedures, and approaches

- Developing new markets

- Developing new products

- Developing additional sales and market shares

- Undertaking the necessary product, service, consumer, or market research work, etc., etc.

As the funds are needed primarily for the above and many other activities to “Closing the Gap”. MMA therefore offers different ways of sharing the Wealth Creation along the way, which can be as follows - but not limited to the following:-

a)  Settlement of the basic costs input by MMA on a monthly basis plus an agreed New Shares Issue allocation commensurate with our achievements as and when we achieve agreed Targets, Goals, and Key Performance Indicators.

b)   Based upon an agreed monthly retainer fee - but with lesser New Shares Issue.

c)   Same as (b) - but including Performance Related Bonuses as we achieve the agreed upon targets - but with no New Shares Issues.